Carehood user agreement

(Last updated 2018-05-25)

By using the Carehood app and services you agree to be bound by these terms of use.

  1. Carehood is not meant to replace emergency services like ambulance, police and fire departments.
  2. As a user of Carehood you may only use the app and services in accordance with Swedish law and this user agreement.
  3. Carehood AB can not be held responsible for loss or damage, caused to you or third parties, by your, or a third party's, use of the Carehood app or services.
  4. The personal data you enter into Carehood is shown to members in the same carehood(s), which usually are people you have a relation to. The purpose is to identify Carehood members to each other, as well as make it easier for members to contact one another outside of the app. The personal data is not shared outside of Carehood, unless required by law, and is not used for ad purposes.

    All personal data, except email address, is optional. Your email address is used for our communication with you.

    Name, address, phone number and user image are optional for you to enter. It may be needed if you apply for membership in carehoods that require you to provide those details.

    All personal data that you enter, except email address, can be changed or deleted by you at any time. Just log in to the Carehood app and go to settings.

    Carehood protects your personal data using industry standard technologies.

  5. Carehood has a right to view all information entered into the system, by you and all other users.

The terms of this agreement may change at any time without prior notice. You are responsible for keeping up to date with the terms in this agreement.

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